10 Tips For First Time Wedding DJs

Wedding DJ doing music
I’m going to be doing tips for first-time DJ’s doing their first ever wedding.

Talk the bride and groom through the entire wedding

wedding DJ doing music
Ask them questions along the way like; what’s the first thing we’re doing? What will be the next thing to do? If you don’t actually know how it looks like on the wedding day, you should definitely brush up through on what the general wedding runs in your area. So that you have an idea.

Be honest with the bride and groom

Make sure they know this is your first ever wedding you’ve done. It’s the first wedding I’ve ever done, don’t do it like that. Be like, Yeah, this is actually going to be like the first actual wedding I’ve ever done. I’ve done a lot of parties and a lot of high school-related events. I’ve never actually got to do a wedding though, and I’m very excited to do yours. Just don’t make it sound like, you’re an amateur and you haven’t done any DJ in your life.

Make sure your setup looks clean

Wedding DJ doing music
When you show up, make sure you have to buy some tapes down your cables. Just make sure it looks as clean as you possibly can. You don’t want to give a messy appearance to the bride and groom. And to all the potential clients you have in the room.

Practice your introduction speech if you are nervous

If you are a nervous person, when you’re on the microphone, practice your introduction speech multiple times. Repeat all the things that you have to speak over the mic until they’re like embedded in your brain. And calm down at the event.

At a wedding, you’re not only a DJ, you’re the coordinator

Wedding DJ doing music
You are 100% in charge of the show at the wedding. If there is no coordinator at the wedding, you’re in charge of getting everyone in place for introductions, finding the bride and groom to get them to do their cake cutting, get them to do toasts. All these events, you are the one that’s in charge of running the show, basically for the whole entire event. Now, once all those special events and everything is done, and you get the first dance out of the way, and open the dance floor up your DJ, you should be set. But until then, you’re a wedding coordinator for the most part.

Backup all the special songs

Female DJ doing music at a wedding
Be sure that the special songs you have, such as the first dance, the father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance. Any of the special songs that you need specifically for this wedding, you have backed up on multiple things. Make sure you have them on your laptop, or whatever you play with. Make sure you have them on a flash drive, and on a backup iPad. Those songs are the most important thing for you as a DJ at the wedding. Be sure you have them in whatever situation that could possibly go wrong.

Dress appropriately

This isn’t saying that you have to wear a suit and tie, dress according to the event. DJ associates who he/she works for. They are required to wear a suit and tie to every wedding, that’s one exception to the rule. There are definitely weddings though, where the groom’s wear jeans and a button-up. You could probably wear jeans with a button-up and get away with it. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the wedding, and you are not underdressed. Remember it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Don’t be afraid to take charge

Wedding DJ doing Music
As I said, you are the coordinator, you are the director of the wedding. Don’t be afraid to open your mouth a little, and get a little vocal. This goes a lot towards when you’re organizing the bridal party for introductions. Don’t be afraid when you have a bad party out there to raise your voice a little to get their attention and run through the list and order. Trust me, you’ll be fine.

Do not overthrow the bride’s orders

Though you’re the coordinator, you’re the director, but the bride runs the show. And if the bride’s parents are paying you, they also run the show. Make them happy and obey their orders.

Just don’t stress out

Wedding DJ instruments
Calm down, take a breath, it’s all going to be alright. This is your first wedding, and you’re going to be a little nervous. Take a chill pill; make sure you have a nice timeline of some sort created on a piece of paper, with your announcements. The songs got to play; everything is organized in your head, you know what’s coming up. Make sure you just get your mind-set right. Calm down, it’s all going to be good.

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