Add Value to Your Qualification

Add Value to Your Qualification

add value to qualification

Today just carrying a degree does not land you in a dream job. You should have that extra quality in you that set you apart from your peers. There are many short term or part time courses available whose classes are either in the evening or early morning. You can join them according to your convenience and availability of time. These out of the university courses can enhance your profile and make your resume noticeable. Competition for the best jobs is increasing more so ever since the onslaught of recession. To ensure you are in the better position, do stay ahead by doing such courses that may add value to your degree and help you stand out in the crowd.

  • Learn any Foreign Language

In this age of globalisation, difference in languages should not become a barrier in communication. Multinational companies are investing in the Nigerian market in huge proportions. They require professionals who can translate or interact with their international clients in their local language. This is one reason why foreign language courses are gaining in popularity. Various institutions offer foreign language courses. Chinese, Spanish, German and Japanese are popular and in demand courses in the market currently. Job prospects vary from secretarial, executive and public relation assignments as well as for translation and interpretation jobs. Translators are employed with industries, publishing houses, research and government organisations. Other job opportunities for a language specialist are travel and tourism sector, hotel industry, airline offices, export agencies, radio stations, trade organisations and teaching. For pursuing a career in teaching, a teacher should be a graduate in that foreign language and must have a teaching degree.

  • Develop Communication Skills

Communication is a most important aspect of any individual’s personality. Effective communication skills if combined with your area of expertise can help you to ride easily the success ladder in your professional career. A course in communication can teach you how to make effective presentations, write proper e-mails and formal letters. It will improve public speaking abilities and help in team communication. It will teach you how to interact better with people at work.

  • Develop your Personality

To be liked, loved, popular, admired, respected, recognised, listened to, lead and considered important is all part of the personality development. To stay right on top, hard work, knowledge and talent are a pre-requisite. But something that people most often ignore is the area of personal grooming. Remember first impression counts. And making the right one requires you to be well prepared in all aspects of social norms and etiquettes. Personality development courses involve personal grooming and communication sessions that teaches you how to behave in different situations and environments and improve upon communication skills. It can be as simple as how to modulate your voice or as detailed as what cutlery to use when dining at a fancy restaurant. The course includes a module on the right clothes to wear at different occasions and how to make a good first impression. You can choose the duration and timings of these classes according to your convenience.

  • Gain Computer Skills

Basic computer applications knowledge is necessary to acquire no matter which field or job you join. You should be well equipped with MS Office, Word, Power Point, HTML and possess Internet knowledge. The duration of these courses is from one week to two years depending upon curriculum you choose. The classes are both in the morning and evening.

These are some basic requirements for all jobs in any industry along with other key skills. You can utilise the time after university and enhance your personality traits, develop key skills, improve on communication skills, all adding value to your bachelor’s or any other degree you are pursuing. Such courses will only act as a catalyst in meeting your long term career goals.

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