MasterCard Foundation Scholarship For Africa Students at McGill University Canada 2017/2018

MasterCard Scholarships Foundation at McGill University Canada

MasterCars Schoolaships Foundation at McGill University CanadaMasterCard Foundation Scholarships for Africa Students at McGill University Canada 2018/2019.

This is to inform Africa Students that McGill University and The MasterCard Foundation are pleased to offer The MasterCard Foundation Scholarships Program at McGill University for the academic year.

This prestigious scholarship is open to students who are residents and citizens of Sub-Saharan Africa countries (including French-speaking students), who come from the most challenged socioeconomic backgrounds and who show outstanding academic and leadership abilities.

The McGill University, Canada is partnering with the MasterCard Foundation Scholarships Program (MFSP) to offer undergraduate Scholarships to eligible African students for the 2018/2019 academic session.

Some important info:

Course level to apply: Undergraduate

Is the scholarship offered annually? Yes

What Countries are eligible to apply? Sub-Saharan African Countries

Place of Study (country): McGill University Canada

Eligible Field of Study: Development related courses.
Be informed that the following programs are not eligible for funding from the MasterCard

Foundation Scholarships Program:

* Medicine,

* Dentistry,

* Theology,

* Law,

* Physical and Occupational Therapy,

* Farm management

* Music and

* Programs from the School of Continuing Studies.

When did this Scholarship begin? Since 2013

What are the Eligibility ?

* You must qualify academically for admission to McGill University. Please note that the admission is competitive.
* You must be a first-time applicant to university (transfer applicants are not eligible).
* You must be a resident and citizen of a Sub-Saharan African country. French-speaking applicants are welcome.
* You must have an exceptional record of service and activity in your school and/or community.
* You must have the potential for meaningful future service to your community as a leader engaged in dynamic local and global social change.
* Your financial status must be in the lowest two quintiles of your country.

What are the Selection Criteria?
Admission to McGill University
Academic achievement and potential-academic admissibility is determined based on the applicant’s academic record.

Acceptance to The MasterCard

Foundation Scholarships Program

* You must demonstrate an exceptional record of service and leadership in your school and/or your community. This may include organizing youth programs, assuming leadership roles in school activities, participating in clubs and teams, taking on responsibilities at home, advocacy and/or volunteering in your community.
* You must be committed to returning to Africa after graduation to continue to give back to your community and country.
* You must be from a low-income background. Your financial status will be verified.

To be considered for The MasterCard Foundation Scholarships Program at McGill University, you must demonstrate academic potential, exceptional records of service and activity in your schools and communities and/or the potential for meaningful community service through engagement as leaders in dynamic local and global social change efforts.

Number of Scholarships welcome by McGill University: Over the next ten years, McGill will welcome 67 MasterCard foundation Scholarships at the undergraduate level and another 24 at the Master’s level, for a total of 91.

Benefit of Scholarship: The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship at McGill will receive a holistic set of financial, social, and academic supports throughout their education and during their post-graduate transitions.

Duration of scholarship: Four years duration of the undergraduate degree

How to apply:

Because applicants to The MasterCard Foundation Scholarships Program do not have to pay the $107.50 application fee, you must follow a special application procedure. Click here to register

Application Deadline: 10th December, 2017

Sponsors: MasterCard Foundation

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