The Effect of Bed Bug Bites and How to Prevent It

Beg bug cause and how to get rid of them

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What are bed bugs?
Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed mainly on blood. The most common ones are known as cimex species. They possess a hinged break in the front of the head and have a stylet. The stylet is what they pushed through the skin to find a blood vessel inside. The bed bug suck until it is full and when it’s finished it will go and digest the blood. The body swells up to 6 times from a flat insect to football shaped. Bed bugs are flat and small in size, allowing them to hide and gain access easily into human body during the day when they are not active.

The presence of only one fertile female bed bug in a conducive environment such as single, multiple families home is an infestation that is waiting to happen. A healthy female bed bug that is blood-fed can produce up to 200-500 healthy eggs in her life time and may lay like 2-5 eggs each day. The spread of bed bug infestation is extremely high, unless bed bug can be control by effort of specialized pest agencies management to get rid of the infestation.


How Bed Bugs are Acquired
Often, people carry them unknowingly in their luggage. This can be baggage when you are traveling, a briefcase, a backpack or just clothing. They can be contacted through body contact to some furniture in public transport, or in theatres. These insect can also travel in pipes and wiring conduits from one apartment to another. They are hidden in mattresses, bed frames, bedding, carpet, baseboards and bedroom. They can also be found in old furniture that is damage. So with the help of these points you have to be careful with rumpled, old items, and the kind of places you visit or enter, so you don’t get in contact with these insects known as bed bug.


Are bed bugs harmful to health?
Although bed bug bites is not dangerous to health, effect of these bite can cause some health issues such as sleep deprivation and anemia due to blood loss. The bites are harmful, that is they are itchy and often need urgent treatment to relieve itchiness.

Below are various ways needed to know the effect of bed bug infestation to your health and how to treat the discomfort cause by bed bug. You need the help of a specialized pest control agencies to terminate the infestation of bed bug quickly, to prevent danger to health and physical problems caused by bed bug.

Bed bugs feed on human blood and other animals that are warm blooded to live and produce. They prefer to eat part of the body which is visible such as neck, arm, hand and leg. Bed bugs may feed for as little as 3mins or as long as 10-15mins. Bed bugs affect people depending on the process of feeding. These bites are responsible for itchy red bumps and welts on the skin.

Although, more than 20 types of disease have been found in bed bugs which are viruses, bacteria and worm, which are not known to be transmitted, few people are known to have bed bug infestations with insomnia, fear, stress, anxiety and even paranoia.

Distress to sleep due to fear of bite and lack of sleep can sometimes cause depression. High rate of infestation cause by these bed bugs are known to cause heavy blood loss which causes anemia and other complications to health.


Here are the few ways to get product or treatment to relieve discomfort cause by itchiness.
Use of anti-itchy cream that contain hydrocortisone or cortisone.
Get a topical anesthetic that has pramoxine for pain relief and diphendrydramin to reduce itchiness.
Get a pain relieve drug such that has ibuprofen or naproxen as needed.
Rub calamine lotion all over the rash to dry it up.
Use of oral antihistamine allergy tablet to control rash caused by the bed bug bites.


How to get rid of bed bug:
You don’t have to destroy your furniture; all you need do is to spray insecticide on them. There are two method of eliminating bed bug which is chemical and physical method:

The chemical ways to remove bed bug is to seek the services of a pest control expert who has had a lot of experience with the use of chemicals to control the insect.

The physical ways to remove bed bug include low vapor steam treatment which is done for mattresses and furniture. There are also encasements that you put the mattress box spring in, then you have them to death, but it will take months. There are also other common ways of reducing bed bug such as:
1). Remove all clutter of bed bug from your dwelling, which will make it easy to locate you.
2). Keep all beddings clean and dry them with hot sun to kill the pest hiding in them.
3). When buying used furniture, search thoroughly for bed bug before bring it home.
4).Make sure you check for bed bug once you move in to a new place, travel or even invite a guest to your home to prevent bug invading the home.





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