Is the Exam Pressure getting on you?

As the exam times near, students are starting to get more worried. There would be many who would sit down to study but instead end up thinking about their results and get worried. As the days pass students only get more worried. So much has been said and written about exam blues but what exactly helps students? Is it entirely upon student to control his nerves? There are so many questions regarding exam fever that it seems impossible that a complete cure will ever be found to the disease. The problem is that there is so much competition, and children are grown in such a way that they realize that there is a huge competition, that a student is unnecessary burdened about qualifying an exam. Read also: 

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As far as the subject of tackling those exam blues goes, it is upon both the students and the parents to realize that exams are not the end of the road. Parents had lived in an era where doing a Bsc landed you in a fine job but today students would add up only to the crowd of unemployed people. Also, what parents know about but had not experienced is the competition. They know about the violent competition hence they force their child into it and force them to win it, without realizing that the competition isn’t as easy. The other thing that they think is that the child can and should study 24*7 in order to crack the examination, both however, are not true. So, do not force the child into it. Parents should understand that a child sees them as the support they have had since childhood but when you start acting this way, they are hugely disappointed. When outsiders say humiliating stuff it does not matter as much as it does when parents act the same way. The other responsibility is of the child to ensure that the negative do not find a way to creep into your space. Those negative thoughts are like thorns in your bed, you sleep in that bed but you can not sleep either. Do not let the thorns grow. If you feel there are negative thoughts just call someone who is reliable. That not just helps you to let go of those thoughts but also cheers you up. Another important thing is to believe in yourself, have the faith that you are good enough and that you have done it before and you can do it again. Those magical words made a person the most powerful person in the world so don’t you think you can at least crack an exam. So, remember YOU CAN DO IT.


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