How to make money online as a university student and stop asking your parents for money

How to make money online and stop asking your parent for money

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Who said you can’t make money online to carter for your needs while in school, and still have a fat bank account?
Many students always complain about not having enough money to carter for their needs while in the university. We know it is not easy to be working while attending lectures and trying to do those bulky assignments. But if what your parents send you weekly or monthly is not enough to meet your needs, you need to read this article with full concentration.
Now, there are so many ways you can make money as a student. We are not talking about setting up a campus business. We are talking about online business that you can do from the comfort of your home. It baffles me when I see students with good phones and laptops on campus not making good use of them. All they use them for is to watch movies, chat on Facebook, and whatsapp, what a waste.
If only they know how much they can make with the same laptops and phones they use in watching movies, i believe the case would have been a different one. But come to think of it, is it really because they haven’t heard about websites where they can sell their skills from the comfort of their homes and make good money? Or because they feel they don’t have the time to do it?
The money you will be making as a beginner may not buy you all you desire, but it will go a long way in taking care of your needs in school and still have something to save for the future. We shall be looking at 3 ways you can work at your own free time online and still make it big.
3 Ways You Can Work Online and Make Good Money as a Student
1. Work on fiverr/upwork.
Though, these two websites are different but i group them to be one because they offer the same services. You can start making money from these websites by offering your skills online to potential buyers. There are so many buyers online who are looking for online sellers to help them get their work done. You may want to ask, what can I do to make money on fiver and upwork?
Here are some skills that can give you good cash on fiverr and upwork
a). Typing Skill: if you are a good typist, then you can make money from fiverr/upwork.
b). Writing Skill: if you can write good articles without copying peoples work online, you are good to go on fiverr and upwork.
c).Graphic Designer: if you are a good graphic designer, you can make good money from these websites.
There are so many skills you can offer to make money from these websites. You can visit or to learn more on how you can make money from them.
2. Run a blog-site.
You can make good money as a student if you love sharing information by running your own blog. This may not be that easy, but if you love what you do, you will strive hard to get to the top. Note that there are different niche you can blog on. Examples are; education, technology etc. You can create your own blog-site by using or .
3 Run affiliate programs.
This is done by registering with some websites where you will be given a link to share on social Media or websites. The more people you refer through your link to purchase their products, the more money you make. There are so many websites you can affiliate with. Some of them are and
In a nut shell, don’t always rely on the money your parents send you. Start using your laptops and phones to make money for yourself and stop disturbing your parents about sending you cash.




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