Married in School but Single at Home

Married in School but Single at Home

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The topic may seem strange to you, and you may be thinking “who gets married in school? And even if someone does, how come they are single at their homes if they are married in school?” It is natural to have such questions because no sane person would even think of getting married when they are just starting their life by going to school, and are unable even to afford their expenses. I am sorry to be the one to burst your bubble, but the statement above is true, students are getting “Married” at school, not literally but what’s there to say once they start living with each other and the girls getting pregnant.
Although this issue is present in many countries but on a large scale, this issue has grasped Nigeria.

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In the educational institutes, boys and girls are living under one roof, without the consent and knowledge of their parents. And what can you expect from teenagers who are not even mature enough to decide what to do with their life? I can’t even choose who to target in this situation because both boys and girls are equally involved in the scenario.

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The shamelessness is on the rise, and there is no one to stop them. Instead of standing against it or educating students to prevent such things, most of the students have started to give a yearly best couple award. And instead of solving the issue, that matter is further providing it air to breathe. The group gets most affected by this whole situation of living together is girls. Because at that young age, girls are usually silly and innocent. Their beauty attracts the beasts, and they end up getting their girlfriends. But this is just the start of the problem because once they are in a relationship, they start being physical which results in the girl getting pregnant. Once a girl has become pregnant, what’s left for her to do or say to anyone for months? Because her regular changing appearance will show every one of the sins, she has committed. This act destroys the lives of innocent girls who would’ve done wonders otherwise.

On the other hand, Boys at that age do not have enough maturity to be rational and think about the outcome the sin they are going to commit. Although their lives would not be affected that much considering the situation of girls, still they will be subjected to investigation if the parents of the girl find out. And that can also destroy their career. And believe me, all of this is happening on a large scale especially in Nigeria, where parents are unaware of such acts committed by their child.

The solution to this problem is not that hard. It can be solved by just addressing two issues. Firstly the education department should come forward and provide separate hostels for boys and girls which should be at a great distance, and this has been initiated in most of the institutions. So what remains is the education of girls, I am not talking about academic education.

The girls who are young and emotional ends up destroying their career. They should be educated about the problems associated with living with boys under one roof. And how it is going to affect them most rather than boys who can continue their schooling when they are in a hospital delivering their unwanted child.

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