All You Need To Know About Change Of JAMB-UTME Course/Institution!



Instructions on how to change your JAMB course, institution or both of them
If you would like to change your JAMB course, institution or both of them, for 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th choices, you need to follow the instructions on this page.
This process is now handled by JAMB directly, and so the process can only be effected from the JAMB portal. Before you proceed to make any changes in your course(s) or institution(s), let’s go through the reasons why you may want to change your JAMB course or institution.
Reasons why you may want to change your Course or Institution
There are obviously three good reasons why a candidate may need to change his/her jamb choice of course or institution or both:
Case 1A. Due to Low UTME score:
After the release of jamb results, the next thing to face is post-UTME and admissions. Now take for instance that someone applied for a federal university who will probably fix a cut-off mark of 200 and above; if such candidate scored less than 200, it simply means he/she has lost the admission. In this case the change of institution to a state-owned/private University becomes necessary. State universities generally fix cut-off marks below 200.
Case 1B. Due to Low UTME score:
Just like case 1A above, this happens when a candidate chose a very competitive course like Law, Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Engineering, etc. Several courses have greater number of applicants than others and such courses invariably attract very high cut-off marks. To avoid being left aside a candidate is advised to go for change of course within the same institution/faculty.
Case 2. Incomplete O’level results:
In this case candidates who may have run into deficiency of required credit passes in some key/relevant subjects may decide to go for change of course to accommodate themselves.
Case 3. Mistakes during registration:
Was there a mistake while filling your registration by either you or the business/cyber café? With this help, you can now correct any errors made during registration of your course or institution.
Case 4. These includes several factors ranging from finance, change in Geographical locations, Parent’s suggestions, Fear of Tribal differences, etc. Such cases treated under this heading result to change of institution.
WARNING: This process can only be done once and changes can never be undone. Please ensure you follow instructions and confirm your changes before submitting.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Change of JAMB-UTME Course/Institution           1. When am I to change my course        or institution?                                  The change of institution or course usually begins immediately the   UTME results are released.

2. Does changing my institution or course affect me in future?
As long as the procedure is carried out within the time frame of the process, IT DOES NOT AFFECT THE CANDIDATE in future. The process is carried out and changes are made on JAMB System.
3. Will I get a new photocard?
Yes, you will be provided with a new photocard, which will be emailed to your e-mail box where you can print at any time you want without limits.
4. Can I change both course and institution?
You are absolutely allowed to change one or all of your courses or institutions.
5. Can I change both for 1st or 2nd Choice?
Yes, you are allowed to change both 1st and 2nd choice. However, after a stipulated time, you will
No longer be able to change your 1st choice.

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