If Nigeria is Going to be Great Again

If Nigeria is going to be great again

If Nigeria is going to be great again, the very first step is for all youths to have one voice. We all should forget about tribe issues, whoever that is selected to rule, be it Urhobo, Ibo, Yoruba or any other tribe, we should try our best to stand behind him/her. If we can achieve this oneness, then we are good to go. But can it be possible? Yes it can, charity they say begins at home. For us to see the change we are craving for, we have to change our mindset first.


What Nigeria is passing through now is not new, because a great nation like USA also passed through it. But, the issue here is that our leaders have decided to go back to Egypt to begin the Israelite journey. Instead of learning from their mistakes and bring in new strategies to shape things in the right way. Lets’ stop recycling leaders. But the question is, are the youths ready to vote another party aside PDP and APC? Are they prepared to vote for the candidate of their choice and not sell their votes? These are some of the questions we need to answer before we can think of changing this country for good.


If a football manager uses a player that he thought was good, some people will say this team is full of the Urhobos, not even a single Yoruba is on the list. Therefore the team must fail so that we can blame and sack the manager. These are some of the issues we need to do away with. Nigerians hate honest people. I have lost literally all my friends because I am honest.


If you and I can be truthful in whatever we do, before the end of the year, I believe we shall meet other individuals who are like us. Doing the right thing always is a process, it’s slow and discouraging, but if you endure, you will become master right one day. On the other hand, bad things are spontaneous in nature. It is viral and easily attracts followers. Your ability to resist intimidation in life defines who you truly are.


Devil has been in existence for one reason, to deceive and to steal. Think of the entertainment industry, why do you think they are always desperate to go nude? It is because YOU and I always frustrate them when they try to perform moderate. Knowing this, they now prefer to do what will earn them popularity by dressing nude.


We are true reflection on what others do unto us. Let’s try to always do the right thing wherever we find ourselves. If you can be conscious of every moment of your life, when it is your time to rule, it is possible that you will rule well and overcome challenges with clean sheet. We cannot rush change and achieve it; it is something of gradual process. It requires patient and faith.


Always know this; God is preparing someone who has good mind like you somewhere. When you have patient, you will meet someone who has good mind just like you. You can then form a team and contribute your quota and leave the rest for others to do. Moses got the promise, but Joshua experienced the reality of the promise. Let’s do our best with our little effort to change things around us. Because at the end, it is the number of lives you touch that matters, not the amount of wealth you acquire.


Change is a journey, do your best and leave the rest as you can never do it all. When you are a discouragement to others, you are already frustrating the journey to change. But if you can be a source of inspiration, you are already fueling the vehicle of change and easing its journey. Always try to do the needful because every second of your life counts. With you, Nigeria can be GREAT AGAIN! Contribute your quota and leave the rest. God will surely raise a successor to continue your good work.


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