Succeed In Your First Year As a University Student


Succeed in your first year as a university student

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Succeed in your first year as a university student
University students always find it difficult to succeed in their first year, as a result of so many things they are not aware of. Some of them feel university life is same as that of their secondary/high school. They end up not doing what they are supposed to do to make things easy for them in the university. This in turn affects them in so many ways by reducing their grades or even affects their social life. Some of these things are what we are about to discuss on.

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I have been to the university; I have seen many things happen to fresh students during my days in the university. With this experience I have been able to put some things that will help you succeed in your first year.
Practical ways to succeed in your first year as a university student
1 Know yourself
University students always find it difficult to define what they want in their first year. As a result of this, they end up imitating friends. Once student A says he/she wants to do this, they will say they want to do it too. Same goes with student B and C. Doing this will not help you in any way, rather it will get you confuse and put you at a very tight corner where you cannot composed yourself. If you want to succeed in your first year, know what you want at a time. Know when your brain assimilates better. If you know this, I tell you, you are a step closer to success in your first year.
2 Make hay while the sun shines
Start reading your textbooks on time. Don’t wait until two weeks to exams before you start reading. Reading early will help a university student not only to cover the required textbooks but also not to over stress yourself when exams are by the corner. That is, it will make you not to rush reading or looking for shortcuts to read during examination. Early reading relaxes your brain. University student can start reading early by attending night classes. They can also read ahead before their classes and lastly read during holidays. When you study on time you can also have time for yourself and for other things, because all work without play makes jack a dull boy. University is not all about reading alone, you need time for recreational activities. You can also plan out a reading time table for other things. When you don’t plan, you plan to fail. So everything you need is plan. If you follow these tips, you will surely succeed in your first year.
3 Don’t miss orientation programs
Orientation is very important to first year students in the university. In the sense that it not only inform them about the school, but also keep them informed about other things such as knowing their lecturers, knowing the different activities that will be going on in the school. Sometimes most students think orientation is not necessary but I tell you it is very important to first year students. As the saying goes if you are not informed you will be deformed, so I tell you once you start attending orientation meetings organise by your university, it will not only make you succeed as a student but also make the school easy for you.
4 Make friends with intelligent people
The friends or company you keep as a student matters a lot. There are some students who go to school without even knowing the reason why they are in school. So when you eventually make friend with such person, you are heading towards the same pit as that person. As the saying goes, “evil communication corrupts good manners”, so if you want to be successful in university as a fresh student, you need to seek advice from intelligent people in your class over topics or courses you don’t understand, you can also meet with senior colleagues, and lecturers of your department. As a student that want to succeed in your academic, don’t be shy to ask questions when you don’t understand anything because you are not helping anyone but yourself.
5 Attend classes regularly and do all assignments on time
Some student will tell you that even without attending classes or not doing assignment they can pass examination, but I tell you attending classes and doing all your assignments count in your success in education. Definitely, there are some people who can pass examination without attending classes, but they do thorough preparation that they won’t reveal to you. So you have to be yourself if you want to be successful as a student by attending classes, and doing all assignments. This will make examination easy for you.
University life is very interesting if you know what to do at a time and how to go about it. So if you want yours to be interesting, starts practicing these steps mentioned above and enjoy every bit of your time.

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