Thank you for your patience as we continue to try to provide you with some timely updates, but again the most important thing is that we get you accurate information as I said earlier this is a changing dynamic.

We gave you a number of victims we’ve actually discovered additional victims since then so I’ll give you a brief update on that and then kind of tell you where we are at this stage of the investigation, as we discussed earlier.

We had a report about 5:37pm this afternoon of a shooting occurring at this location behind me a 1900 block of Thomasville Road emergency responders were here within minutes about three and a half minutes.

The first officers arrived on scene when they arrived, the gunman was deceased on scene and we at that time we had a debt now having identified six other victims that received gunshot wounds and then we also have a victim who was actually pistol-whipped.

There are indications that several people inside fought back and tried to not only save themselves with other people which is a testament to the courage of the people who don’t just turn and Ron Bay the strength of our community in the spirit of those people of trying to help and save and protect others so that that’s not the information at this point.

Tallahassee Police Department has interviewed more than 40 witnesses to the incident, we are working, the crime scene is being processed and we’ve collected different pieces of evidence and we continue to work on that.

That’ll take several more hours. At this time our victim advocates are working in providing support for our immediate victims and their families as well and trying to help connect people to their family members and who were here on scene at this point.

Although, we were not releasing the identity of the gunman we had tentatively ID’d the gunman and we are working diligently to try to link a connection between him and any of the victims. Again looking for a motivation or cause or what precipitated this attack on our community and the people that were inside so that’s the update that we have at this point.

I would ask that anybody who was in the area between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. that may have seen something that they thought was unusual or suspicious please contact us the more information. We have  better chance that we have of getting answers and resolving this situation quickly for our community and the victims and helping them put their lives back together.


That’s a main focus for us right now is putting the pieces together, getting answers for them and answers for our community. Did you tell me there was a report that the person who had been pistol-whipped was perhaps the last person before he took his own life?

I don’t know as far as the detail that the actual link at that part of it, so we now have six gunshot victims and then the seventh person who was pistol-whipped? Yes sir and I’m assuming suspect this shooter is not part of that seven? No sir!

At this point the total is seven now? Yes!  People have passed away from their injuries. Okay I’m sorry. I apologize earlier, we reported that you know one victim had passed away we have had another that can pass away at the hospital from the injuries that they sustained and there are four additional people that had suffered gunshot injuries.

And then we had the one gentleman that had that was pistol-whipped during this trouble big shot? Yes! Yes! ma’am well at this point we’re not releasing any of the detailed information that’s a very important that we have a very small time-frame to build that pieces. Those pieces of the puzzle together, so it’s right now.

It’s trying to identify make sure that it’s like I said we have tentatively identified him or you know trying to get that positive identification can be a challenge sometimes. So we have to do that first and then start drawing those connections together between him and the victims and then him in our community.

I have not spoken with the mayor correctly, I know that I’ve updated the city manager several times under the city manager has been in direct communication with the mayor the governor called yeah to offer any assistance the last update I had is that they were in critical condition there’s a lot of it’ll just spend on the flow of information.

Like I said earlier the main focus for us at this point is identifying the suspect positive identity and really identifying what his link is to our victims in the community. We’ll be able to see you tomorrow to get an updated information oh they will definitely be updates tomorrow with you or someone yes all right thank you.

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