How Thinking Helped Bill Gates Achieved His Dream at Ease!

How Thinking Helped Bill Gates Achieved His Dream at Ease!
“I’m Thinking, Mother. Don’t You Ever Think? Bill Gates asked his Mother.

It happened that Gates family was about going out. Every other person was ready, but Bill was still downstairs, his mother called by his family name. Treg, what are you still doing down there? Bill responded by saying “I’m thinking mother. Don’t you ever think? Then he shot the door.

From the first paragraph, we can say that Bill started thinking of how he could make it in life when he was a boy. He never stopped thinking for a day. He kept doing this because he understands the power of thinking. This idea made him to start reading business magazines in middle school.

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Just like Bill, many of us had good dreams when we were little, but we couldn’t make them come to pass. How was Bill able to differentiate himself?

How Bill Started!
When Bill Gates was 13, he hacked his school computer all because he had no money to pay for time to use it. When the management of the school heard about what he did, he was expelled from the school. He was called back when the management of the school noticed his hacking skills could be utilized. So they asked him to help find bugs.

Because Bill wanted to increase his thinking power, he started reading a book titled “brain rules” written by John Medina. This book explains how brain works from the memory to the ability to play baseball. It was this book that helped shaped his memory that he started thinking of how to open his own company even as a child.

What type of books do you read as a student? I’m not talking about your school textbooks. Are you reading books that will help shape you towards that which you desire to become in life, just like Bill did? Or do you read books that are not connected to your dreams? I want to let you know that Bill wouldn’t have gotten to where he is today if he hadn’t read books to build his thinking towards his dream.

There was a day while in school, he saw an ad about a modern computer and he called them immediately that he had a written programmed language he would want to sell. Mind you, by then he hadn’t written any. When the company had agreed to buy it, he sat down with his high school friend Paul and wrote the programmed language.

I want to encourage you to start thinking about what you want to become in life. Or is your dream not worth thinking about? If your answer is yes, I want you to start reading books to build your dream just like Bill did. I tell you, you will be surprised on how quick you will get to your destination.

There is power in thinking and you are the product of what you think. Give your dream a deep thought, I bet you; you will come out with how best to achieve that dream at ease.
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